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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Atish Chudasama GP


Dr. Atish Chudasama may also be able to help you with other, specialist issues. In particular, if you have an ingrown toenail, Dr Atish can perform a partial toe wedge resection - which is a surgical procedure to remove a wedge of tissue from the side of a toe nail - reducing both pain and inflammation.



Dr Chudasama Background


Dr Atish graduated in Leeds in the UK and subsequently trained as a GP. 


Completing post-graduate qualifications in Diabetes, dermatology and advanced skin cancer management Atish looks after a broad range of medical conditions.


Dr. Chudasama Experience

Doctor Atish Chudasama can help you manage all chronic health conditions. He has special interests in Diabetes, Occupational Health, dermatology and skin cancer surgery and enjoys all aspects of general practice, including paediatrics, antenatal care under 20 weeks, men’s health, and complex health care needs. Unfortunately Dr Chudasama currently does not perform the following:

  • Implanon insertion or removals

  • Mirena insertion or removals

  • Papsmears

Dr. Chudasama is a highly experienced and thorough General Practitioner and is currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Atish Chudasama is happy to care for people of all ages and has special interests in


Dr. Atish Chudasama has formal qualifications in primary care dermatology and can offer advanced dermatology assessment and advice. 

Dr. Graeme Fearns skin cancer specialist
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