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Mental health at The Woods Medical Centre & Skin Cancer Clinic, Scarborough Perth WA

Mental Health

If you require immediate help or are in crisis, contact Lifeline. 

We are here to help.

The team at The Woods Medical Centre in Scarborough, Perth cares for patients with a wide range of mental health concerns. 

Many of our GPs have experience with counseling. They have undertaken additional training in mental health. 

GPs offering this service:


Mental Health Care Plan

We work alongside other Perth-based, specialist mental health professionals to enable you to get the best treatment.  Our doctors can prepare a specific review of your health needs and prepare a mental health care plan which can help you access Medicare benefits for other treatments (e.g. Psychologist and Psychiatric consultations). 

If you think that you may have a mental health condition, please book a long appointment with one of our caring doctors. You will also need to book a double appointment if you require a Mental Health Care Plan.

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