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Dr Angie Barker | Accredited Practice | The Woods Medical Centre & Skin Cancer Clinic Scarborough
Quality Practice Accredited GP Practice, The Woods Medical Centre & Skin Cancer Clinic Scarborough Perth WA

Excellence in Care

The Woods Medical Centre is an Accredited General Practice

An independent auditor classes the Woods Medical Centre as a quality provider of patient care.


Through accreditation, we can reassure our patients that we uphold the highest of standards of quality, safety and continuous improvement in healthcare in Perth.

Quality Practice Accreditation

Our Perth-based practice team works to ensure we remain up to date with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' (RACGP) Standards for General Practice. We continually review of our practice systems and procedures - a process achieved with good communication and cooperation of our doctors and staff.

Skin Cancer College of Australasia Accreditation

Dr. Angie Barker ,Dr. May Sian Oh and Dr Atish Chudasama are Accredited Skin Cancer Doctors by the Skin Cancer College, Australasia. This Accreditation was brought in to help patients easily identify doctors who have advanced skills and knowledge in the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.

Medical Fees & Charges

The Woods Medical Centre wishes to advise patients, that as of the 1st of July 2022 there will be an increase in the private fees of between 2% and 5%. Over the past three years, we have suspended any increases because of the epidemic and its impact on our patients. Unfortunately, this is no longer sustainable and after careful consideration we have made the decision to implement this small increase.
Perth patients who hold a current Health Care Card, Pension Card or Commonwealth Seniors Card will continue be given a reduced fee rate and children aged under 12 years old will be bulk billed. Our new fees are shown below with the full fee payable after the consult. For your convenience we can still process your Medicare rebate upon payment.
General Practice Fees
Standard Consult / Standard Telephone Consult (1 issue) - $85.00 ($70.00*)
Long Consult / Long Telephone Consult (1-2 issues) - $125.00 ($107.00*)
Extra Long Consult (3 issues plus) - $165.00 ($137.00*)

Skin Clinic Fees
Standard Consult (1 issue) - $92.00 ($70.00*)
Long Consult (1-2 issues) - $130.00 ($110.00*)
Procedures - Private fees apply

Please note all procedures now attract a $60.00 procedural treatment room fee.

*Health Care Card, Pension Card, or Commonwealth Seniors Card attract a reduced fee.

NB: We do not provide bulk-billed services unless you hold a DVA Card or you are a child under 12 years of age.

Patients who hold a current Health Care Card, Pension Card, or Commonwealth Seniors Card will be given a reduced fee rate.

Our current fees are shown below with the full fee payable after the consult. For your convenience we can still process your Medicare rebate upon payment.

NB: This change has unfortunately come about because the current and previous governments have not increased the Medicare rebate to keep pace with the cost of running a medical practice and while we were hoping that Medicare reforms would be introduced; these changes never eventuated.

GP Consultation Fees

We are a Perth-based private billing practice. A reduced fee is usually offered to Pensioners, Health Care Card holders and full-time students.

Please note:

  • Accounts are payable on the day by credit card or EFTPOS.

  • Your Medicare rebate can usually be processed at the same time by EasyClaim.

  • For security reasons, we cannot accept cash or give change.

  • A DNA (Did Not Attend) fee of $50.00 for a standard consult will apply to any appointments not cancelled at least 2 hours before the appointment time.

  • Medicare Bulk Billing is offered to children 12 years and under.

Other medical services near us

Conveniently located on Scarborough Beach Road (Scarborough, Perth WA) we are only an 8 min drive from the Freeway and and only 5 mins from Scarborough Beach - offering easy access to an abundant number of allied health services such as pharmacies, radiology, pathology and physiotherapy services. There are also a number of Specialist Doctors in the area should you require a referral.


Our Doctors and Nurses can recommend a specialist or allied health provider best suited to your needs when you visit us for a consultation.

Repeat Prescriptions

  • This service is only available for existing patients.

  • To get a repeat prescription, you must have got this prescription from your doctor at The Woods Medical Centre previously.

  • You may select more than one medication with each request.

  • We do not give repeat prescriptions for addictive medication, including benzodiazepines and opiates,

  • Your doctor, who will approve or decline the request on clinical grounds, assesses each prescription request. If they decline the request, they will advise you to make an appointment.

  • Your regular doctor will only complete requests at the clinic. If your regular doctor is on leave, you are required to make an appointment at the clinic to get your prescription.

  • Your GP may not provide a repeat prescription if they have not seen you within the last 3 months.

  • We charge a fee for each approved request.

  • A fee is payable for each request. We refund declined requests.

  • Requests for repeat prescriptions may take several business days to be processed.

  • If you require your prescription to be faxed to a pharmacy, please ensure you include the name of the pharmacy and their fax number, otherwise you should collect it from the clinic directly.

The cost of this service is $25.00 per request payable at the time of making the request in HOTDOC.


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