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Children's health (Paediatrics)

The Woods Medical Centre bulk bills children 12 years and under who are eligible for Medicare. 

We offer comprehensive services for babies, children, and adolescents.

Many of our GPs and nurses are parents and we understand the stress of having a sick child, so whenever we are open for business we can offer an initial nurse assessment service for sick children, enabling appropriate triage and doctor’s review.

Routine health assessments on children can be undertaken by one of our caring GPs to check your child's growth and development. In the case of a chronic condition, such as asthma or allergies, we can also develop chronic disease care plans to ensure your child gets access to the right allied health services.  


Immunisations can be booked online or by calling 08 9245 1912 our nursing staff are up to date with the current WA infant vaccination schedule and can work out a program to get your child caught up on any missed vaccinations.


Routine immunisations will be recorded with the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register to help keep track of what vaccines have been given.