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​The Woods Medical Centre is proud stockists of Synergie Skin Care products, Australian made, all Synergie Skin products are formulated by biological scientist and cosmetic chemist, Terri Vinson (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd. ASCC). This range is on display in our waiting room and can be purchased without a Doctor's consultation.


A highly active anti-inflammatory moisturiser formulated for all skin prone to irritation, redness, rosacea, facial flushing and acne inflammation. This blend of cosmeceuticals effectively calms and soothes inflamed skin. Also recommended after clinical procedures.


Formulated for all skin prone to irritation, redness, rosacea, facial flushing and acne inflammation

Includes powerful natural ingredients designed to address skin redness, irritation and effectively calms and soothes inflamed skin

Decreases the appearance of facial redness and visible fine blood vessels

Reduces the sensation of itch and discomfort of heat significantly.


Apply as a light moisturiser once or twice daily to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of facial redness.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin



Elastense - Neck and Décolletage Lifting and Firming Cream

Elastense is an intense anti-ageing treatment dedicated to lifting and firming the neck and décolletage while also reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and poor texture.


Instantly lifts and firms the delicate skin of the neck and décolletage

Defines the shape of the neck for a tighter ‘V-lift’ appearance

Protects against ageing free radical damage

Stimulates long term collagen production to guard against premature ageing

Reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone

Deeply hydrates skin

Non-greasy feel


Apply morning and night to neck and décolletage

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


IMPROVEYES DAY - Anti-Ageing Eye Serum

A lightweight eye serum designed to restore the youthful appearance to the delicate skin around the eye area. Revolutionary peptide technology addresses fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness. Green coffee extract assists in fighting free radicals and pure hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration to nourish the eye area.


Lightweight serum formula ideal for morning use

Increases the skin’s elasticity

Deeply hydrates

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet

Improves the tone and texture of the skin around the eyes

Improves blood and lymph circulation around the eyes

Significantly reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes


Apply sparingly in patting motion to upper and lower eyelids

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


IMPROVEYES NIGHT - Intense Overnight Eye Treatment

An overnight anti-ageing eye treatment designed to restore, hydrate and nourish the delicate eye area. Peptide technology diminishes the appearance of lines, restores moisture and reduces puffiness and dark circles. Further enriched with marine extract to tighten, tone and enhance collagen production.


Deeply hydrating with non-comedogenic essential fatty acids Combats signs of fatigue and ageing around the eyes

Improves the tone and texture of the skin around the eyes by stimulating collagen production and encouraging healthy circulation

Ideal for any client concerned with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles

Reduces the impact of daily environmental damage

Protects the delicate barrier


Apply sparingly to upper and lower eye area in the evening following active serums.

Apply with gentle patting motions from outer to inner eye area to aid lymphatic drainage.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin



A powerful treatment mask containing a propriety blend of marine and botanical actives designed to address environmental free radical damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines, dehydration and irritation.


Actively repairs cells via stem cell stimulation

Addresses inflammation

Stimulates collagen

Hydrates and soothes the skin


Apply in the evening to face and neck

Allow to activate for at least 30 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse off with a soft cloth.

Finish with appropriate serums and moisturiser.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


RECLAIM - Age Management Moisturiser

The essential anti-ageing moisturiser. Reclaim is a luxurious blend of marine phytoplankton and peptide technology designed to tighten and hydrate the skin for a firmer and more youthful appearance.


Hematite increases fibroblast activity by combining with L-ascorbic acid

Exopolysaccharide reduces fine lines in 20 minutes for up to 8 hours, in addition to minimising long term visible signs of ageing.


Apply one pump as an evening moisturiser or as an anti-ageing base in the morning prior to Synergie Minerals foundation.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


SUPREMA C+ Stablised Vitamin C Moisturiser

A nourishing oil-based Vitamin C moisturiser with stabilised L–ascorbic acid. This formula contains powerful antioxidant properties and is ananti-ageing essential.


Promotes the formation of collagen and elastin to reduce appearance of fine lines

Enhances tissue repair and promotes healing of scar tissue

Antioxidant which protects the cell from UV damage by neutralizing UV generated free radicals

Enhances skin immunity to protect against environmental skin damage

Potent anti-inflammatory that is recommended following clinical treatments for addressing inflamed skin

Promotes lightening by suppressing melanin production


Apply sparingly (pea size) to face and neck area in the morning and gently massage until fully absorbed.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


SUPERSERUM+ Age Defying Serum

A revolutionary anti-ageing serum packed with powerful epigenetically active peptides, marine extracts and botanical actives. An essential serum for all those concerned with ageing skin, this serum will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


SuperSerum+ triggers the skin cells to produce:


Hyaluronic Acid

Epidermal stem cells and epidermal growth factors

SuperSerum+ contains a novel epigenetically active botanical the affects the way our genesproduce collagen. It also contains a cutting-edge neuropeptide that mimics the effects of muscle relaxants, softening fine lines and wrinkles. SuperSerum+ is further enhanced with potent peptides that reverse cellular ageing and repairs the DNA, ensuring longevity and protection of the genome.


Apply one pump twice daily prior to moisturising. For best results, use with Rejuvaderm Home Infusion Roller.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin



A luxurious hydrating moisturiser formulated with 21% pure zinc oxide for environmental protection against premature ageing linked to sun exposure. Pure green tea extract adds potent antioxidant properties. It is your number one anti-ageing product.


Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions

Physical block offering broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection

Zinc oxide is a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore excellent for acne and inflamed skin

Zinc oxide inhibits collagen-degrading enzyme


Apply as a morning moisturiser.

Pat gently into skin and do not rub vigorously.

Reapply following swimming or sporting activities.

In the evening, ÜberZinc can be used as an anti-inflammatory moisturiser for irritated sensitive or acneic skin

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


UlTIMATE A - Essential Vitamin A Serum

A powerful essential night serum designed to assist in regulating skin processes. The key ingredient, Vitamin A (as stabilised retinol) is active, gentle and penetrative, addressing skin concerns without irritation. Combined with witch hazel, an excellent natural astringent.


Restores dermal thickness

Reduces visible sun damage

Promotes the formation of healthy blood vessels

Protects skin from UV damage

Restores the epidermal barrier

Normalises oil levels and aids in the management of acne

Reduces fine lines through collagen stimulation

Reduces skin hyperpigmentation


Apply sparingly in the evening over face and neck prior to moisturising.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin


VITAMIN B - Essential Niacinamide Serum

An essential serum suited to all skin types containing high levels of the active ingredient, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide). This formula is designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin, enhancing skin clarity and luminosity.


Essential for all skin types

Increases ceramide production to strengthen stratum corneum

Increases hydration resulting in a more luminous complexion and reduction in the appearance of fine lines

Reduces pigmentation problems by preventing transfer of melanin

Boosts skin immunity to environmental stressors

Suppresses excess oil production in acne sufferers

Enhances blood flow, promoting healthy vessels for transfer of skin nutrients and removal of toxins


Apply sparingly in the evening prior to moisturising.

Image credits & source: Synergie Skin

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