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Daylight Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a 'field treatment' used to treat areas of sun-damaged skin and sunspots (actinic keratoses).


In this treatment, patients are required to prepare their skin for 7-10 days with a special moisturiser and gentle exfoliation.

On the day of treatment, the Nurse applies a cream to the area being treated. This is absorbed by the damaged skin cells. A sunscreen is also applied.


The patient is then required to be outside in the sunlight for 2 hours, this activates the treatment and kills the abnormal cells. After the 2 hours, the cream is removed  and moisturiser applied.


The skin reacts with redness and peeling which is at its peak 3-4 days after the treatment. Ongoing moisturising soothes and aids this process.


After the skin has recovered it is smooth and most, if not all, keratoses will have gone. Some pinkness often persists for a number of weeks but can be easily concealed if required. Pre- and post-treatment packs are supplied. A consultation with either Dr. Barker or Dr. Oh is required and then with the Nurse who is involved in your treatment. Appointment times may vary according to the weather. 

Source: Cancer Council 

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